Electronic Health Record (EHR)



The EHR is a critical component of BSWQA’s drive toward clinical integration.  It allows BSWQA physicians to better coordinate and manage the care of their patients, and also serves as the gateway for patient information sharing through the Baylor Scott & White Health (BSWH) HIE. The BSWQA Information Technology Committee is charged with administering processes for patient information sharing by optimizing EHR utilization throughout the BSWQA physician member community so that relevant data can be accurately extracted from various data sources that include physician offices, hospitals, outpatient facilities, etc. The BSWQA IT (Informatics) Committee has made significant progress in advancing toward a “connected network of physicians.” To ensure complete sharing of patient information BSWQA requires all physician members to implement and utilize a certified EHR that is currently or will be connected to the BSWH HIE.