Health Care Professionals

medicalprofessionalsBSWQA is an accountable care organization providing the infrastructure and incentives (i.e. shared savings) for physicians, hospitals, other care providers and payers to work collaboratively in facilitating population health and providing better health, better care, and better value for patients served.  Aligning with hospitals and payers in an accountable care organization allows physicians to participate in a larger, more integrated health system.  Advantages of this come in the form of access to contracted patients,  access to resources such as care coordination and information technology (EHR, HIE, Data Analytics) that require a substantial monetary investment, access to claims data to effectively track and monitor patient care and report results.  In addition, by aligning reward incentives, our physicians have chosen to be accountable for developing the most cost effective, evidence based  treatment options that will lead to the most positive outcomes for patients rather than relying on a patient’s health insurance utilization mechanisms to determine the care path.